NoteMaster is an smart minimalistic persistent note-taking app to help boost productivity.

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NoteMaster is a smart minimalistic persistent note-taking app to help boost productivity.

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Introducing Smart Mode

NoteMaster Beta introduces the first key feature that makes NoteMaster unique. Smart Mode automatically recognizes keywords, and intelligently provides results as you type, for example:


100 + 10 + 10 -> 120

Unit Conversion

100cm in m -> 0.1m

Currency Conversion

$100 in GBP -> £77.3


10% of 100 -> 10

That’s not all! Head over to our documentation for a list of all of the statements that NoteMaster can recognize.

Additional Features

NoteMaster is continuously being developed. Our vision is to create the best open-source, note-taking app that boosts our users productivity. We’ve already added so much:

Supported Operating Systems

NoteMaster is now available on the following platforms:

Download NoteMaster

NoteMaster can be downloaded via GitHub Releases. Please only download versions of NoteMaster that are hosted on GitHub.

Lost Note? Blank Screen? Reset NoteMaster?

We’re sorry this happened! NoteMaster is still in early development, please make sure you backup important notes external of NoteMaster. Create a ticket on NoteMaster Issue Tracker.


Resetting NoteMaster is easy and only takes a few steps. Please follow the guide specific your operating system.


  1. Close NoteMaster Completely
  2. Delete the %appdata%\Roaming\NoteMaster directory.
  3. NoteMaster will now be reset on the next launch.

Make NoteMaster Better

NoteMaster is built on top of Electron React Boilerplate. To setup up local development workbench follow a few simple steps:

First, clone the repo via Git:

$ git clone --depth 1 --single-branch --branch master notemaster

and then install the dependencies with yarn.

$ cd notemaster
$ yarn

Report a Bug

NoteMaster project is constantly finding ways to make you work more productive but while we implement new features bugs appear! Report a bug.


GNU GPLv3.0 © NoteMaster


Thanks to the following great projects that made NoteMaster possible. Please go and follow and support these projects.